#digiKam, best photo management tool ever. Even the photo editor ist quite nice. So good, that for the most time I don't need #Gimp.

What is digiKam?
digiKam is an advanced open-source digital photo management application that runs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. The application provides a comprehensive set of tools for importing, managing, editing, and sharing photos and raw files.

#opensource #linux
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I am surprised, I did not know yet, that digiKam is available for macOS too. If I remember the first versions of digiKam, the GUI looked pretty simple and ugly, but the current version looks pretty neat. I am thankful for any serious alternative for C1 and LR.
I don't know how well digikam is doing under #macOS. Under Linux/KDE it works like a charme, indeed. Under #Windows, it's running, but I didn't tried it by myself.
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I have tried it out yesterday on my laptop, unfortunately I have to say the interface is very confusing and I do not like the menus on the side. I couldn't even import an image. it is a task, which should be self explaining. I am a kind of disappointed, but I will test it on my iMac more deeply.