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Okay, switching the database backend in #NextCloud to #mariaDB solves my issue … #PostgreSQL seems to be not as much tested as they do with .mariaDB.
I'm a litte bit unhappy about dropping Postgres. But the cool thing with NextCoud is that it is so easy to switch the database:

php ./occ db:convert-type --all-apps mysql nextcloud nextcloud

For a smooth run a had to raise max_allowed_packet in /etc/mysql/my.cnf:
max_allowed_packet = 32M
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What is your opinion regarding postgres vs mariadb in general?
@Mario Vavti I'm not an expert. In the past I had on my server at home some programs that needed postgres (like DaviCal). So I tried to stay on that machine with only one database system. And what I red about postgres is not bad ;-)

I know there are also some folks at #Toppoint in Kiel who try to run Hubzilla on Postgres.
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atuomatic tests are in place for mariadb/mysql, sqlite and also pgsql. In that case the scenario was obviously not covered :( Thanks for reporting!
Mmh, #Friendica rödelt sich noch immer einen Wolf, load ist aktuell bei fünf. Aber mein Posting im Forum Friendica Support ist dort nicht angekommen …
Friendica läuft auf einem #ArchLinux mit #mariadb Version 10.1.25.
Habe gerade gesehen, dass Arch mariadb in Version 10.1.26 ausliefert. Mit dem nächsten pacman -Syu wird also diese Version installiert sein.
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Unter Jessie habe ich die Maria 10.0.30 laufen, daran sollte es also eigentlich nicht liegen denke ich.